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Missionarie’s room


The former "front room" on the ground floor is nowadays a living museum. On charts and in a 25 min. video (in german language) you get information about the worldwide work of Gerlingen's missionaries. 

Opening hours Missionarsstube (Missionarie's room):
Sunday:  10am-12am and 2pm-5pm.
Please contact the city museum first: Tel. +49 (0)7156 205-366

You can use the Missionarsstube (Missionarie's room) also for seminars or small private parties. Interested? Then please contact the office of the parish - of the protestant congregation Peter and Luke Gerlingen, phone +49 (0)7156 9201-0. There you will get also the information, which costs will arise in your case.

Details you can find in the  User Instructions for the Missionarie's room and in the Instructions for registry office weddings in Missionarsstube (german language).