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Zimmermann, Johannes


* 2 March 1825 in Gerlingen; † 13 December 1876 in Gerlingen

Johannes Zimmermann was a german missionary and liguist.

When he was 25 years old he went to the Goldcoast in West Africa for the Basel Mission Society, where he worked 26 years. His operation area was Kroboland, where he translated the bible and a hymn book with 500 hyms into the Ga-language.

He also did a lot of development aid. He looked after the mining of natural resources, he modernised the agriculture and improved the living conditions of the african people by increasing the export of goods.

Life and work:

  • Childhood and youth in Gerlingen
  • Missionary work in West Africa
  • Mission in Kroboland
  • Last months of his life in Gerlingen
  • "Bridge between people and cultures"
  • Traces of the missionary


  • Wedding rules of Basel
  • Poems
  • Memorial stone
  • Presentaton by Mr. Stutzmann