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Däuble, Rosine Luise

No other family from Gerlingen gave more sons and daughters to the mission than the Däuble family. Father Jakob Däuble was born in Hasslach near Herrenberg and came in 1841 with eleven children as a school teacher to Gerlingen. Three of his sons became missionaries, two daughters missionary's wifes.

Rosine Luise Däuble is born in 1828 in Sindelfingen as daughter of Jakob Däuble and his wife Luise. The Däuble family moves to Gerlingen in 1841.

Rosine Luise Däuble becomes engaged in 1849 to the since 1846 at the Gold Coast operating missionary Johannes Stanger from Möttlingen.

At the end of 1849 missionary Johannes Stanger asks from the Gold Coast the mayor's office Möttlingen for admission "to allow the marriage abroad with the unmarried Rosine Luise Däuble, daughter of schoolmaster Däuble from Gerlingen, after paying the statutory fee of 20 fl (gulden)". The admission is served on the 15th of January in 1850, from the district court in Calw. On that day the bride is already on her way to Accra, attendant of Johannes Zimmermann and two other brides. The wedding is on the 20th of May 1850 in Christiansborg.

Until 1855 Johannes Zimmermann works close with the older and experienced Johannes Stanger. Often there are Stanger's comments in Zimmermann's quarterly reports which every missionary had to give to the Mission House and which had to be read and examined by the brothers before they were sent to Basel.
Johannes Zimmermann may have been happy about missionary Stanger's wife being from Gerlingen. And surely they often exchanged news from Gerlingen. The Stangers ask in 1855 for home leave, because both are ill. In 1857 Rosine Stanger, née Däuble, dies in Untertürkheim because of heart dropsy. Johannes Stanger moves back alone to the Gold Coast and in 1864 he goes as a pastor to Brazil, later on to the USA, where he dies in 1899 in Ann Arbor.