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Responsible for the content of these websites:

Johannes Rebmann Foundation (Johannes-Rebmann-Stiftung)
Gemeinnützige Stiftung des bürgerlichen Rechts (Foundation under civil law)
Rathausplatz 1
70839 Gerlingen

phone: +49 (0)7156 205-7014
fax: +49 (0)7156 205-5000
Foundation's authorities:

Chairmen of the foundation

  • Stefan Altenberger
  • Dr. Markus Roesler
  • Dr. Hella Steineck-Kinder

Foundation board

Chairman: Mayor Dirk Oestringer

Town of Gerlingen

  • Dirk Oestriner (mayor)
  • Horst Arzt
  • Ulrich Knoblauch
  • Thomas Mosebach
  • Ulrike Stegmaier
  • Judith Stuermer

Protestant church Peter and Luke

  • N.N.
  • Michael Buehler
  • Annerose Handel
  • Werner Lachenmayer
  • Hans-Joachim Scharna
  • Susanne Stahl

Friends of JRS foundation

  • Irmgard Schopf
  • Brigitte Meier

Association for home care

  • Brigitte Fink
  • Dr. Birgit Knolmayer

Rebmann family

  • Christian Haag

Other members

  • Uta Grob

Exclusion of liability

Our websites are put together and updated with the utmost care. We can't give a guarantee for correct, flawless and complete information. The pages in foreign-language were translated by non-professionals to the best of their knowledge and belief. We excluse liability for losses or damages in any ways that may arise from using our websites. Also we excluse liability for the websites of other providers to which visitors of our websites get via links. For these external contents are exclusively their providers responsible.

Copyright and trademarks

All texts, photos, graphics and other contents in our websites plus their arrangements are protected by copyright and other protecting rights. You are not allowed to duplicate or alter or use these contents in other electronical or printed publications without previous consent of Johannes Rebmann Foundation.
Words of Thanks

Thank you to the archives of the town (Gerlingen Stadtarchiv) and especially to its manager, Mr. Klaus Herrmann, for the professional information and the courtesy of documents. Heartfelt thanks also to the many non-professionals who supported us to set up these websites.