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Däuble, Gottlob Christoph

No other family from Gerlingen gave more sons and daughters to the mission than the Däuble family. Father Jakob Däuble was born in Hasslach near Herrenberg and came in 1841 with eleven children as a school teacher to Gerlingen. Three of his sons became missionaries, two daughters missionarie's wifes.

Gottlob Christoph Däuble is the first missionary son of Jakob Däuble and his wife Luise. He is born in Sindelfingen and moves to Gerlingen with the family in 1841.The skilled clothier awaits first the so-called "Conscription", the announcement for military service: Not all 20 year old men can be called up and so the men draw lots. Men who get a high number can reckon to get exempted from the two years in military service.

Däuble gets the high number 216 and so he is suspended from military service.This means for Gottlob Christoph Däuble a confirmation of God's will for his missionary plans. 

His brother from the christian courses in Gerlingen had warned him - if he needed not to surrender to the king of Württemberg then he should give the savior a man for his harvest.

In 1843 Gottlob Christoph Däuble joins the mission and gets registered in Basel/Switzerland. In 1848 he is sent to East Bengal, supposably from the English Baptist Mission.It's nothing known about his further life.

Only his day of death is known, the 13th of April in 1853.