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"Grüß Gott" - that's the typical Hello from Gerlingen, the nice town in Baden-Württemberg, in the south of Germany ...

A couple of men and women felt the mission to travel as missionaries from Gerlingen into the world, eg. to Africa, India and China.

Our Missionaries in 19th century had to deal with adventurous conditions in a kind of other world there ...

Ms. Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, the Kenyan writer of the Rebmann biography, has died in Dec. 2015.

Abituary written by her friend Prof. Emilia Illieva: Article Kenyan Daily Nation

Article on the homepage of Dictionary of African Christian Biography

Info concerning the Rebmann biography: "Rebmann: A Novel"

Our Johannes Rebmann Foundation would like to honour the remembrance of these missionaries and to give information about nowadays missionaries. There is a lot to say about Johannes Rebmann and the other missionaries from Gerlingen. Our Sitemap shows in catchwords all contents of our websites.

In Gerlingen, Germany, we offer some interesting events in German language. You find all details on the German website Events.

We wish you lots of fun riffling through the files and we are looking forward to hear about your wishes or comments.

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