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"We can't stop talking about the experiences we had."

"On the search for a fulfilled life we found sense, hope and support through a personal relationship  with God.  Through the living faith in Jesus Christ we  experience, how HE satisfies the longings of our heart and our deepest needs."

The Ev. Petruskirchengemeinde Gerlingen and the Deutsche Missionsgemeinschaft had sent Hans-Georg Hoprich (e-mail address Hans-Georg@Hoprich.at) as a missionary to Papua New Guinea (1985 - 1996), before he went to Burgenland, Austria in 1998.

The Hoprich family:

HANS-GEORG HOPRICH (*1955), ANNIKA (*1997) and MARGRET (*1955).

Sons BENJAMIN (*1980), SEBASTIAN (*1982) and DAVID (*1984), married, are not on the photo, also MANUEL (*1987).

The Hoprich family defines the basis for their missionary service and spiritual welfare:
"Our whole heart may be aimed at:

  • passing daily with JESUS as our friend

  • living and obeying HIS word

  • being aware of the reality of HIS cross

  • understanding HIS will and HIS plan for our life and

  • serving as those who belong to the FATHER.

We are totally normal people who are about to discover the supernatural work of GOD in their life."

An article of "KOM-IN-Netzwerk", including sound file, gives information in German language under the headline "Familie Hoprich - von Papua nach Österreich" ("Hoprich Family - from Papua to Austria"). It tells you about the difficult work of pastors in Austria.

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