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For keeping up Rebmann House, running the Missionarsstube (Missionarie's room) and to fill the Foundation with life, yearly about 10.000 Euros donations are needed. Besides the big sponsors there are many people from Gerlingen who like to give some Euros for "their Rebmann" or do voluntary work for his affairs.

Ev. Petruskirchengemeinde Gerlingen
- Wilfried Braun, managing priest since 1997:
"We were glad to do our utmost for saving Rebmann House and setting up the Missionarsstube (Missionarie's room), because future has its roots in the past. In the Ten Commandments already God reminds the Israelites: 'Remember: You were slaves in Egypt, and I, the LORD, your God, set you free from bondage. So don't  gamble with the new freedom, but obey these commandments.' So we say today: The story of the missionarie's life - Rebmann, Zimmermann, Maisch and many others - can boost our chourage to trust in God, also chourage of our convictions and to unusual ways. That's why Rebmann House is not just a monument; it's the impulse to think, to help, to believe and to live."
Herbert Werz from Gerlingen organized a charity concert for Johannes Rebmann Foundation:
"My father told us kids about East Africa, because he was a ship hairdresser and his ship landed between 1927 and 1930 some times in Mombasa/Kenya. That was very exciting and made me curious. Additional there were the reports about Johannes Rebmann, his way through the unknown interior of Africa. Since 1969 I travel every year one or two times to East Africa, on Rebmann's trail to Kenya and Tanzania. I also was interested in Kilimanjaro; have been on top (5.895 m) five times. I wanted the Gerlingen people to share my impressions and experiences. That's why I organized a concert "African Impressions", accompanied by slides and stories, and I dedicated it to Johannes Rebmann."
Imanuel Stutzmann (†2015), who supported this topic with lots of energy, also besides his tasks as memeber of the Stiftungsrat:
"There was no question for me about saving Rebmann House, but it was not always a simple task.
Letters from East and West Africa enchouraged me. Additional I had active 'comrade-in-arms', like Mr. Markus Rösler and Mr. Christian Haag. The impressive support through Mr. Mayor  Brenner and Mr. Reverend Braun clinched the matters for the formation of a 'Johannes Rebmann Foundation'. Because of that it was possible to buy the Rebmann House and to refurbish it.
So it got possible to liven up an important part of Gerlingen's local heritage history in it's 'Missionarsstube' (Missionarie's room). There we give information about life and work of many women and men from Gerlingen who went onto mission fields in Africa, India and China to tell the people there about Christ, to be a living example of being christians and to help others.
The work that the missionaries started in the beginning of the 19th century - a time of deep-rooted changes and the sense of a new area - is getting continued nowadays from young people of our town, who spend years of their life to offer their service to help others. They try - like others before - to live solidarity and to achive a social order which will be appreciated by God.
Rebmann House and Missionarsstube (Missionarie's room) do not only record an important part of Gerlingen's history. They are also a place, where the history of church and mission can get alive."
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