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July, 12, 2002:
Formation of Johannes Rebmann Stiftung
as a Foundation under civil law

Founder members eg.:

Town of Gerlingen/Germany
Parish Ev. Petruskirchengemeinde Gerlingen,
Representatives of  Rebmann family.
These founder members are today members of the foundation board of management.

Foundation's authorities:

Vorstand (incumbent for 3 years) and
- acting members see Imprint


Citizens of Gerlingen started the Johannes Rebmann Foundation with the intention to buy and renovate the house where the Gerlinger missionary Johannes Rebmann was born and to renovate it. For rescuing and refurbishing Rebmann House in the year 2003 the Johannes Rebmann Foundation reveived some prizes:

  • An award for exemplary private initiative in the field of preservation of historic buildings and monuments from Denkmalstiftung Baden-Württemberg and
  • the Award "Heimatpflege/Denkmalschutz" from the Forum Region Stuttgart.

To remember the worldwide activities of male and female missionaries from Gerlingen, in the Rebmann House a Missionarsstube (Missionary's room) has been arranged. It is a place of rememberance and of getting together. The meetings in this room pertain to be the basic tasks of the Foundation, i.e.

  1. Supporting cultural relations to the countries in which Gerlingen's missionaries were active.

  2. Building and supporting international connections and relationship for mutual understanding, through the granting of scholarships, exchange of knowledge and infomration.

For example, the Johannes Rebmann Foundation supports the Johannes Rebmann Memorial Library in Kalali, Tanzania, near Kilimanjaro. The library has electricity and good books, so that school children who can't read and learn at home have the opportunity to read relevant study material there.

Would you like to help?

The Johannes Rebmann Foundation needs your support, so that it can perform this variety of tasks. Help us to help others. Your donation is tax-deductible. Please, deposit an amount into one of our bank accounts, which you will find here. Then we will send you a receipt, which confirms a donation to charity, for the revenue office.

- Bank accounts:

Thanks a lot for your initiative and your support.

Imprint Contact: (English/German). Address: Rathausplatz 1, 70839 Gerlingen, Germany