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Newspapers write about Johannes Rebmann Foundation. Here you can find some press comments: 

    Daily Nation Kenia March 14, 2011:
"Cradle of education with little to show for it"

Translated from German into English:

   Stuttgarter Zeitung - Strohgäu und Umgebung July 11, 2012:
• "A Missionary in Austria - A Gerlingen Man in China"

   Stuttgarter Zeitung - Strohgäu Extra February 22, 2012:
"Preserving the Memory" (education fund in Kroboland)

    Gerlinger Wochenblatt July 26, 2007:
"Songs and Photos in the Luggage - Delegation from Hong Kong"

   Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung July 23, 2007:
"Chinese Christians walk on German Missionarie's Traces"

   Stuttgarter Zeitung - Strohgäu Extra July 23, 2007:
"A very special Mission - Visitors from China"

   Evangelical News Service Germany (epd) July 17, 2007:
"Missionaries of Yesteryear are kept alive - New attraction for Gerlingen Missionary House"

   Evangelical News Service Germany (epd) July 17, 2007:
"Grave of Gerlingen's China Missionary Wilhelm Maisch found"

   Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung June 12, 2007:
"Kenyans on Rebmann's traces"

   Stuttgarter Zeitung - Strohgäu Extra June 12, 2007:
"For Kenya's Christians like Mekka - Delegation from Africa in Gerlingen/Germany"

   Südwestpresse May 12, 2007:
"Linguist and development worker - a medal honors Johannes Zimmermann"

   Grüne Woche April 25, 2007:
"A whiff of Africa in Gerlingen/Germany"

New: Dr. Steven Paas' Third Edition Chichewa Dictionary – February 2012

The third edition of our Chichewa Dictionary has just been published. That is great news, because with its 884 pages and more than 43,000 entries for the first time the lexicon has come into easy reach of users not only in Africa, but also in Europe, America and the rest of the world. VTR-Publications in Nürnberg, Germany (, has published it in excellent readable print as a high quality hard cover book, which can endure to be used for a long time. Various bookshops are ready to receive your orders. For information, see our website, under: Latest News,

Announcement  Rebmann Biography


  • Rebmann-scientist Dr. Steven Paas is the rediscoverer of Rebmann's dictionary of the Kiniassa language which is nowadays known as Chichewa/Chinyanja and spoken by at least 15 m people, e.g. in Malawi. Dr. Paas is author of the latest dictionary of this language. For the work on his Rebmann biography, he visited the archives in Birmingham/England and Basle/Switzerland to expand and complete his knowledge about Johannes Rebmann. 
    • In his lecture on June 1, 2011, Dr. Paas presented his reasearch results on "Johannes Rebmann in spiritual and linguistic perspectives".
There were lots of visitors on June 1, 2011. Besides Gerlingen inhabitants, the consul general of Malawi attended also the speach.Zuschauer
Anschaulicher Vortrag von Dr. Paas 
Dr. Paas illustrated his words with pictures and words from the original text of Johannes Rebmann's letter from the year 1853 to his family (German text only).
Dr. Paas impressed his audience with brillint knowledge about Johannes Rebmann.

Dr. Paas
Welcome and Introduction
by Foundation board member
and descendant of Rebmann
Mr. Christian Haag.
Dr. Steven Paas while
his lecture.
Best information in the first row: Dr. Steven Paas interactive with his audience
Foundation board member Martina Koch-Haßdenteufel, Museum director Catharina Raible,
Rev. Rolf Scheffbuch from the Korntal Brüdergemeinde and Foundation board member Christoph Zimmermann.


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