Missionaries from Gerlingen: Johannes Zimmermann
- Childhood and youth

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Mr. Paul Steiner in his Zimmermann biography:

"When Zimmermann stepped then into the pulpit of the old venerable church, then this whole house of God was filled with sitting and standing people. While he did his farewell speach he was often interrupted by sobbing of the parish, and when he spoke to the persons of his age and former mates, then even the tough, rough farm youth cried like children."

Johannes Zimmermann is born on 2nd of March 1825 in Kirchstraße (Churchstreet) 5 in Gerlingen/Germany (see photo on the right). He is the oldest of five children of a farmer's family, who visits pietistical "devotional hours" several times a week. The grandfather of little Johannes has a restaurant, which is meeting place for the pietistical communities from Gerlingen and the neighbouring villages.

Johannes Zimmermann lives in times of religious troubled times and an apocalyptic general mood. The pietistic milieu forms him, and already as a pupil he has the wish to become a missionary in Africa.

After school he starts an occupational training for baker's trade. After he has finished that, he walks by foot to Switzerland to start fulfilling his wish how to live ...

On 17th of August 1844 Johannes Zimmermann arrives in Basel and starts the six years long missionarie's training in Basler Mission. He starts already to study the Gã language, because he feels a mission to become missionary at the Gold Coast in Africa.

On 09th of Dezember 1849 Johannes Zimmermann gets ordained by superintendent Kapf in Herrenberg. A week later he says goodbye to his hometown Gerlingen and sets off to his yourney as a missionary in West Africa.
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