Missionaries from Gerlingen: Johannes Rebmann
- End of his life

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"I am not here to make geographical discoveries, but to uncover the release and the salvation in Jesus Christ for the people who sit in darkness and the shade of death."

Death register of Registry office Korntal from 1876, No 20:
"To the undersigned registrar came today, known by personality, Mrs Missionary Louise Rebmann née. Däuble, resident in Korntal, and told, that her husband Johannes Rebmann, missionary, 56 years old, religion protestant, resident in Korntal, born in Gerlingen, son of the deceased Johann Georg Rebmann, winegrower, and his deceased wife Anna Maria, née Maisch, died on the 4th of October 1876 in Korntal."

In September 1875 the nearly blind Johannes Rebmann comes back to his home country.

He gets guided and supported by his devoted servant Isaak Niondo, who was with his father one of the first Vanika who were baptized by Rebmann.

In Korntal, where his earlier mate Dr. Krapf settled down, Johannes Rebmann found his last residence. On Dr. Krapf's advice he gets married with  the widow of the India missionary Finkh in spring 1876.

In age of 56 years Johannes Rebmann dies on 4th of Oktober 1876 from a pneumonia.

On the old graveyard in Korntal, Germany, he finds hist last place of rest, "saved in the arms of Jesus".

Stimulated by Krapf and Rebmann the bavarian reverend Ittameier founded an "Evangelisch-lutherische Mission für Ostafrika in Bayern" (= "Protestant-lutheran mission for East Africa in Bavaria"), which later got assimilated in the Leipziger Mission. The missionary work in East Africa was picked up also in Neunkirchen, Berlin and Bethel (Bodelschwingh).

Rebmann had paved the way in Dschaggaland for others who came later and marched in his footstepps to continue what he had started.

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